Luxury Condo in Puerto Vallarta - Romantic Zone - Romantic Amapas
Amapas 353 - Romantic Amapas - Luxury Condo in Puerto Vallarta - Romantic Zone -Blue Chairs

Come and Experience the Luxury - Bill & Norma

Dining, Entertainment, and a beach that will take your breath away. Everything you need to make your vacation the best.


Restaurants are plentiful and diverse to satisfy a wide range of tastes. They are all within walking distance.


There are many different types of bars within in a ten minute walking distance. Most bars offer some form of nightly entertainment.


There are several along the west side of Olas Altas, just walk up to the top of Pulpito, turn left and keep your eyes peeled. The machines are all bilingual.


You are a stone’s throw from the only manned life guard station on Los Muertos Beach. There are many nice places to get a drink on the beach and listen to the waves.


Go down to the beach and you are there.


There are many corner stores like OXXO and Six just a short walk away. If you walk down Amapas, the Amapas supermarket is a 4 minute walk. It is a good place to get a day or two of provisions. If you really want to stock up for longer visits, you can take a cab to Rizo, or for better selection and prices take a bus or cab to one of the larger grocery stores.


If you brought your note book computer there are a growing number of restaurants that offer free internet access. Some have desk top computers they allow you to use for up to ten minutes. Otherwise you will notice there is always an Internet Cafe in site when walking through Puerto Vallarta.


If you see a tour that you like to try in the Vallarta Adventures brochures, just call them or stop by one of there many office pick up sites.


You can hail a taxi in less than a minute from nearly any street in Vallarta. The main bus route is also only a few blocks away.